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We Love Carter [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Carter Oosterhouse Fan Community

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(no subject) [Nov. 20th, 2005|07:34 pm]
Carter Oosterhouse Fan Community

Hi, i am the creator of this community and I've since changed LJ's...multiple times. Anyway, I'm a horrible moderator.

While I still think Carter is a sexy beast, I no longer watch trading spaces or really know what he is up too. Therefore I feel as though I should pass on my moderator ship to someone else.

Any takers? I don't really know how to switch that over to anyone, but I can figure it out if anyone wants to try and make this community worth keeping (due to lack of...activeness). I won't delete it, but if I make you a moderator it just gives you more control over the community.

Thank you.
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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2005|05:06 pm]
Carter Oosterhouse Fan Community

hi! im new to this community and i just wanted to say that carter looked super hot on the nbc show "three wishes".

anybody agree?

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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2005|11:48 am]
Carter Oosterhouse Fan Community

[music |drift -- pray for the soul of betty]

heyy..is anyone still here? i'm on GJ now, and i made a carter community there, but no one on GJ is a fan of his. =(

anyways..i have a feeling after september 23 (when three wishes premieres on NBC), this community might get some new members. but it looks dead. so if anyone is still here, update! ;)

<33 kristen
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Web site [Apr. 17th, 2005|11:44 pm]
Carter Oosterhouse Fan Community
[mood |excitedexcited]

His official web site is now open.

Click here for hottness

Enjoy!! ^_^
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2004|06:54 pm]
Carter Oosterhouse Fan Community

Hey Everyone!

I'm new here. I decided to join this after meeting Carter at my local baseball stadium in Altoona on Wednesday! He was sooo very nice to all of his fans and took as much time with every fan. His nice personality made me become a fan of Carter's and I sure will be watching Trading Spaces more often now =)

When I get the photos back I will be sure to post to share with all the other Carter Fans when I met Him!!!
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Carter... [Jul. 27th, 2004|10:31 pm]
Carter Oosterhouse Fan Community


i'd like to share the best picture of Carter on the Internet that i have yet to find... on the left- the sexy beast with his shirt off.... :-D
annnd on the left yet another picture

These were taken from fanlisting site
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=] [Jun. 1st, 2004|08:32 pm]
Carter Oosterhouse Fan Community

yay i joined the first Carter Oosterhouse community ever on LJ! it's also the first community i've joined on LJ, so it's extra special. <33

"We Love Carter
for more reasons than because he's hot"

i love that little slogan, lol! it's so true ;]

do you want me to make a banner or something, to "advertise" the community with? we can post it places, so more people come and join.
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(no subject) [May. 31st, 2004|11:36 pm]
Carter Oosterhouse Fan Community


I'm Nicole, I am the moderator of this community. Plese join as you can see we are in dire need of more members. Join, post, drool. This is all for Carter. Enjoy!
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